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“Tradition and modernity” are the two souls our range of children’s footwear is steeped in. The expertise and know-how garnered and handed down across Pizzetti’s generations are the solid foundations against which PèPè children’s footwear delivers premium quality and excellent functionality. By blending timeless, imaginative designs with more functional, modern lines, our shoes cater to children’s ever-changing lifestyle, habits and needs. The passion we pour in experimenting with and coupling traditional with latest-generation materials, contrasting and refined colour effects, bestows a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, distinctive touch on our children’s shoes.
Premium quality materials
The use of premium quality materials, such as leather from Tuscany-based tanneries who master “vegetable-based” tanning techniques and employ 100% natural substances, guarantees all our shoes deliver unmatched quality: colour depth, solidity and softness. The structure and texture of the materials is crucial to the aim of determining the durability of the finished product for it ensures a tangibly “longer life cycle” so that the product can live a second life also when “used” and therefore be passed down to younger siblings and other children.
Nappa leather, painstakingly processed by Naples-based tanners, also sits among the materials most widely employed at PèPè. It is the typical, superbly soft leather used for making gloves, the silky feel of which perfectly suits newborn shoes. As regards the lining, we only employ natural (nearly unrefined) leather delivering ultimate comfort and high breathability standards. Leather has always been the cornerstone material used for making the soles of our footwear collections on account of its innate lightness, elegance and, first and foremost, breathability. Subsequently, we introduced rubber and crepe rubber applied to casual, modern models embellished by either fancy colours or processing techniques.
Undoubtedly the most iconic, distinctive processing in place at “PèPè” is the so-called “ideal”, featuring the typical visible stitching all around the sole which interlaces the intersole and the vamp (the upper part of the shoe). Used since the early collections and mostly applied to classic design models with leather sole, today it finds application also in casual, rubber or crepe rubber sole models extremely popular against comfort and functionality. Another established technique in place since the early stages, applied to newborn shoes and slippers, is the “California method” whereby the sole is sewn from inside directly to the vamp, thus delivering utmost softness and functionality as well as ensuring fit to every child’s foot shape throughout their growth process and sustaining their ever-changing movements. The choice to employ materials meeting strict requirements, the ensuing care and attention, translate into “hand-made” products matching exquisite craftsmanship standards.
Craftsmanship in the future
By today’s standards, craftsmanship necessarily goes hand in hand with technology which, cleverly implemented, adds on to manual skills, thereby reducing environmental impact and securing energy-efficient standards. Every little imperfection of our hand-made shoes matches the perfection required of digital design while allowing us to streamline, experiment with and improve the production process and aim at stimulating, timely innovation.